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Two and a half years ago, Europeana Inside started with the vision that all Collections Management Systems (CMS) would be able to easily provide content to Europeana. Technical partners, including Semantika, have worked hard to create an innovative solution while the content partners have worked hard to stress test the systems in real world situations and provide hundreds of thousands of new records for Europeana. Today, we are coming to the close of the Europeana Inside project having achieved this vision, as well as having lowered barriers to content sharing for many others cultural heritage institutions outside the project consortium.

The Collections Trust hosted a celebration and sector launch event at the Museum of London on 17th September 2014. The project partners and interested parties had the opportunity to hear first-hand about the benefits that the ECK has brought to cultural heritage institutions and in a series of presentations, technical partners presented their ECK-ready products.

The future vision is to grant a high quality, resilient service which enables cultural heritage institutions to manage their participation in Europeana and similar data-sharing initiatives within their existing systems and respecting their processes.

Introducing the ECK

The Europeana Connection Kit (ECK) is a set of open-source tools that enable local Collections Management Systems to part-automate submission of metadata records into Europeana and similar online platforms.  The ECK has been implemented into all of our technical partners' collections management systems and has made the supply of content to Europeana much simpler.

Access to the ECK components, documentation and information about its creators can be found at:

Access to new content

Over 500.000 metadata records from various collections have been published in Europeana through the Europeana Inside project. With the series “What’s inside?” we provide an insight into the diversity of Europe’s collections featuring the latest collections presented.

Looking ahead - the forward plan

Even though the project has come to an end, the ECK is only just beginning and there is a great deal of potential in the service. The ECK will continue to be supported after the project lifetime by being integrated in the SPECTRUM partner scheme. This means that there is still an opportunity to get involved and give it a go.

If you’re from a museum and are keen to start using the ECK, the first step will be to contact your CMS provider and have a chat about further options or to get in touch with at:

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