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Posted on 06.11.2014 by Museums.EU

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Issue #4 | November 2014

John James Audubon, The birds of America, 1826-1838

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What’s the real name of Pablo Picasso? In the image: The weeping woman from the Tate Modern



This autumn’s major special exhibition at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek turns the idea of the white world of Antiquity upside down



Autumn inspired art in the Maribor Art Gallery



Hair-raising objects from the Halloween collection of the Ashmolean Museum



Did you know that Pablo Picasso was a suspect in the case of the stolen Mona Lisa in 1911?


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It's time to vote for your representatives on the new Europeana Members' Council!

In July Europeana, the European Digital Library, shared their vision for what can be achieved over the next five years (Strategy 2020). Putting in place the new governance structure is a first concrete step towards realising the ambitions as set out in the strategy.

The Elections 2014 are being held to elect Network Members to serve on the very first Members Council of Europeana Association. A total of 25 Councillors will sit on the Members Council in 2014, growing to a maximum of 50 Councillors in 2016.

Now is the time to vote for your representatives! See the nominees, read the Elections Rules and cast your vote! You only have until midnight CET 7th November 2014 to do so.

We have our own candidate SAŠO ZAGORANSKI to represent the European Museums Network, contribute on strategic and technical perspectives, helping Europeana become a truly invaluable resource for everyone interested in cultural history.

To vote you have to be a member of the Europeana Network. If you’re not a member yet, you can join by filling in the short form here. After joining you can VOTE HERE.

We thank you in advance for your support!

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Counting down to the .EU Web Awards ceremony!

With the help of your nominations Museums.EU made it to the finale of the .EU Web awards, an online competition launched with the objective to distinguish and award .EU websites.

The winners will be announced during the awards ceremony in Brussels on 19 November 2014. Thank you for your support and keep your fingers crossed!


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